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Project finance starts here ...

If you have a project that requires financing and would like us to consider it we shall require the following initial information to be provided to us in strict confidentiality:

Also see Insurance and Underwriting

Project Name
Approval Date
Description of Project
Executing Agency
Background of the developer and details of any other projects undertaken
Implementation Period
Total Cost & relevant CAPEX stages
Equity % available y/n (if so from whom)
Special Requirement eg: BOT, BOOT
Assets Secured
Additional Collateral - (e.g. charge on cash flows of an existing unit, available guarantees, pledge of shares, lien on fixed deposits, etc.)

For Project Finance contact:-

If you would first prefer to sign our standard confidentiality agreement please advise us

If you wish to submit a business proposal to us please read our guidelines and requirement before you send us information.

For Trade Finance and LOC's contact:-
Martin Bredemear
A former Vice President of Security Pacific National Bank having many years experience as an International banker in London. Holding a key access to the London financial markets and specialising in forfaiting and trade finance, Martin Bredemear is the Trade Finance specialist for CWC Gulf. Based at the London Office in the United Kingdom.

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Financial Engineering

In order to develop projects these days you will definitively require sophisticated financial engineering techniques and CWC Gulf have developed some of the best in the business. To develop a project you will require a combination of equity and senior debt financing. In addition you will usually need to dilute risks by the provision of political and commercial risk insurance underwriting. CWC Gulf are specialists in the structure and arrangement of innovative project finance solutions.


There are a number of ways that this can all be put together. CWC Gulf have structured BOT, BOOT, BLT and BLOT projects for its clients as well as more traditional schemes. We have also developed strong relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions who will undertake syndicated lending.

Forfaiting and Discounting

CWC Gulf have also developed a unique and proven system of Project and Commercial Financing utilizing SBLC/ Bank Guarantee discounting. For Companies holding SBLC's (Stand by Letters of Credit) issued by most secondary Banks or Central Banks in practically all Countries of the World, we have arrangements in place with our London and Dubai Bankers for discounting SBLC's and providing clients with immediatly available cash. The procedure sometimes referred to as Forfaiting (although our system is a modified extension of it) is most usually undertaken by entering a standard and optional revolving Project Finance agreement with CWC Gulf over one year and for any sum up to approximately US$100 million

Larger amounts may also be arranged under this scheme subject to the Bank's Country capacities. If your Company has an SBLC and requires immediate cash financing then contact us now. We can help and in full compliance of International and UK Banking Regulations.

Comply with International Banking Law

Project Underwriting

Finding equity is a often a problem for most project start ups. CWC Gulf have many equity sources and particularly eminating from the Middle East. Of course it helps if the project developer already has some equity arranged. The final element to satisfy all investors is project risk insurance, both political and commercial. CWC Gulf is agent for two of the World's leading Lloyds of London brokerages and insurance syndications.

Risk and Capital Management

Risk is fundamental to the financial services industry. Whether it is an investment banker underwriting a share issue, a commercial banker making a loan, an insurer writing a policy or a fund manager running a portfolio they are all evaluating, pricing and managing risk.

Modern financial institutions need sophisticated tools and techniques to manage and mitigate these risks while at the same Whatever the risk and whichever the Country, CWC Gulf can usually find a AAA or AA rated coverage capacity in the insurance markets. By diluting most of the risks this methodology makes raising the equity and senior debt much easier. It is usually a mandatory requirement for most lenders.

Regulatory Compliance

Financial Services is arguably the most highly regulated industry in the world. The regulatory landscape is ever changing. Regulatory risks and issues are key external drivers in the financial sector's strategies, processes and organization. Increasingly, the trend towards international regulation calls for cross-border responses.

What is the Libor Rate?

LIBOR is an abbreviation for the "London Interbank Offered Rate," and is the interest rate offered by a specific group of London banks for U.S. dollar deposits of a stated maturity. The LIBOR is used as a base index for setting rates of most adjustable rate financial instruments, including Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's).

If you wish to submit a project outline or business proposal to us please see our guidelines and requirement before submission.